Courses and e-learning conditions

Courses and e-learning conditions

Terms of Reference (ToR)

This e-learning platform is operated by Salanga s.r.o.

Salanga is company registered in Czech Republic under the Registration Number: CZ 291 12 435.



Tylova 23, 301 00, Pilsen, Czech Republic.


Contacts: phone: +420 774 018 851, e-mail: (Czech Republic)

                              +1 647 779 0711, e-mail: (Canada)


For the users of e-learning portal: This portal has been created by Salanga and ADRA Czech Republic to provide to Czech Aid agencies access for their employees to the personal safety and security learning. This protal has been funded by Czech Development Cooperation and so the access is free for follwoing users:

                • Employee or cooperative of non-profit institution(s) participating in the Czech Development Cooperation
                • Employee of the Czech Development Agency or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
                • Local staff member participating in a humanitarian or development project funded by Czech republic.

Salanga e-learning reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any of its courses. Where it is necessary to cancel or reschedule any courses the customer’s point of contact will be informed at the first available opportunity and clients will be rescheduled as priority to the next available course/s.

Payment: Full payment is required prior to the course date (where applicable). We reserve the right to restrict client's access to the e-courses and certificates until full payment has been cleared or all other conditions fullfilled. Individual consumers are required to make payment at time of booking (where applicable).

Cancellations: Full e-course fee is charged for cancellations received after the e-course usage has been started. In case of cancelation prior to e-course start-up cancelation fee (at least 30 % of the e-course fee, minimum 30 EUR) will be charged to client.

Payment: e-course fee payment can be done in following ways:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque
  • Online payment (through Pay Pal or credit cards through Pay Pal gate)
  • Or other ways if prior confirmed by Salanga`s staff

The final amount received by Salanga (after all bank charges deducted must be the exact e-course fee.

E-course Fees: All our prices include taxes.

E-course Sign-up: Once upon payment, client will receive number of SR code (Student Registering Code) corresponding to number of e-course access paid by client. This SR code can be used as access code for one e-course on Salanga e-learning websites and other e-learning websites operated by Salanga.

E-course conditions: Each e-course has specific conditions. All conditions are listed at the e-course introduction. Usually these conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • E-course completion time limit (in a range 2 weeks – 2months) within this period each student has to complete the entire e-course. After this time limit left, e-course will not be accessible for the student anymore.
  • Entry knowledge test – course usually starts with Entry knowledge test. The aim of such a test is to assess student knowledge and to customize the e-course to the student`s actual learning needs. The results of the entry knowledge test are not included in the e-course results.
  • Interim reviews – usually after each learning chapter of the e-course, there is a chapter review. The aim of such a review is to provide student with feedback from every learning part. There is usually limited number of attempt for interim chapter reviews as well as time limitation and pass limit (percentage of successfully answered questions in review).
  • Final e-course test – The only this Final e-course test is relevant to your attempt to successfully completed the e-course and to obtain the e-course certificate.


Salanga cannot take responsibility for case student is not able to meet course any of the condition (as a time limit, tests, review or ToR acceptance) and such a situation leads to inability to successfully pass the e-course. In such a case Salanga will not return e-course fee or its part, however student will receive a chance to repeat the entire e-course with discounted course fee.

If student has any complains or would want to apply for last chance to complete the e-course, student can contact the e-course lector (contact provided in each e-course introduction). In such a situation every case will be evaluated individually by e-course lectors, however there is no legal right to receive such a last chance.

Attendance: Candidates must attend and successfully complete all aspects of the e-course to qualify for certification. The full cost of the e-course will be charged for students who have started the e-course.

Limitation of liability:  Any e-course on Salanga e-learning website contains guidelines which may improve your safety & security or management; however, it will at best reduce the risks or improve organisation`s operation, but definitely will NOT eliminate any risks. In some cases it may be inappropriate to follow this e-course. Salanga therefore is unable to accept responsibility for cases where the advice given by this e-course is not the best course of action. Salanga will NOT take responsibility for any potential injuries or damages happened during the e-course or by following knowledge received in the e-course. 




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